Anatoly Palto

Electronics designer. Hardware & embedded programmer

I am engaged in the electronic devices development and programming. I have been doing this kind of job for a long time and in different areas. While working at the Academy of Sciences I was developing and programming different scientific instruments. At the time of my occupation at another state institution I was developing the devices relating to the information protection. As the employer of «Ё – Engineering» company I was lucky to be engaged in the automotive electronics development. There was also the opportunity to be occupied with the drivers engineering design for Embedded systems based on the operating system Linux. Thanks to my experience I know how to perform the job properly and what specialists to involve for that.
    Why should You cooperate with us? It will ensure You the following:
– Ability for the company management not to be distracted from their basic duties while handling service functions. You do not need to care about education, qualified personnel involvement and retention, as well as about temporary replacement of staff during illness or vacation.
– Flexibility while managing Your company resources – in case the market situation is changing or the company activity needs to be restructured it is not necessary to worry about our profile employees quantitative change.
– But, the main advantage lies in in the possibility to use the third party highly professional experience that has been gained while solving the same problems.
The development includes all the stages: from schematic circuit and circuit board to the programming and setup. If necessary, we are ready to prepare the documentation. All the rights relating to the development are reserved by Your party.

  • Anatoly Palto
  • 1968, january
  • Landera str, Minsk, Rebublic of Belarus
  • yb.tut@otlapa
  • +375 (29 or 44) 752 60 88

Work experience

  • Programmer Engineer2012 - 2014

    SaM Solutions

    Development of drivers for systems based on Embedded Linux, creation of BSP

  • RnD engineer2010 - 2012


    Development of the electronics for the prototype of plug-in hybrid vehicle, microcontroller realization of drive motors operation control algorithm

  • Senior Staff Scientist2007 - 2010

    Institute of Technical Information Protection

    Development of custom equipment on a base of microprocessors. Development of particularized software for PC

  • Staff Scientist1996 - 2007

    TheВ Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences ofВ Belarus

    Research in the area of microwave radiation diffusion. Development of unique scientific equipment. Development and realization of unique electronic signal processing algorithms on PC.


  • Embedded programming2013

    SaM Solutions

    Lectures: "Video drivers for Linux", "Yocto or How fast create embedded system for oneself"

  • Р Non-destructive testing1995 - 1998

    The National Academy of Sciences ofВ Belarus

    TheВ Institute of Applied Physics of The National Academy of Sciences ofВ Belarus, Non-destructive testing, PhD

  • Radio engineering department1993

    Moscow Power Engineering Institute

    MSc - Radio physics and electronics engineering


  • Assembler (MC-51, PIC, AVR, ARM)

  • C

  • C++


Technical software

  • P-CAD 2006

  • Mentor

  • IDE (Keil, IAR, CrossWorks, CodeBlocks, Eclipse Рё С‚.Рї.)

  • Proteus 7.1

OS and technology

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • RTOS


Some of projects
  • Universal Adapter for GSM modem.
    Development of the extension board has allowed to maximize the potential of the modem.

    adapter schematic adapter pcb adapter appearance
  • Kiosk for copying.
    A device appurtenant to vending machinery. It accepts money without operators, realizing printing, copying and document scanning.

    Qt code Controller code Display screen
  • Embedded Linux.
    Building device drivers for single-board computers (phvTECH company) which are contrasted on the base of ARM processor

    Linux driver iMX6 BSP for the kit
  • Yo-mobile
    Development of electronics in project of sequence of-type hybrid car realization.

    P-CAD FM class code Car test


  • Landera str., Minsk city, Rebublic of Belarus

  • e-mail: yb.tut@otlapa
  • Phone: +375 (29 or 44) 752 60 88
  • Skype: otlapylotana

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